The golden temple

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The golden temple

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The glory of gold

Harmandir Saheb, the Great Golden Temple is a jewel gifted by the proud Indian Heritage. We bring the craft and the same craftsmanship used in making the Harmandir Saheb Temple into their smaller, living versions.

The Golden Temple Of Somnath

Somnath Temple, the crown of Somnath city  is the home for one among the twelve great Shivalingas throughout the Indian subcontinent. In an effort to craft a miniature of the great Somnath Temple, we have brought this art into form.


In the words of the man who gave life to these miniature versions, “My first visit to Harmandir Saheb in Amritsar, and my only glance towards the serene crown of gold perched upon the river throbbed my heart endlessly. In that moment, yes, in that one moment, I thought of taking this glance at home and admire the glory of it everyday.


I am Devang Chavda, an artist and an admirer of cultures, heritages and of raw human spirit. Through my day, I try to bring those things to life that behold importance in making people feel and experience more than their day to day ventures.

Orders & Delivery

Our products are crafted on the basis of order with a flawless attention to detail. We make sure that the art is delivered on time at your address.

Worldwide Delivery

The Great Golden Temple provides delivery all across the globe, through our esteemed partners Bluedart and DHL Express. If you are unable to find  delivery in your city through our website, please send us a message.

Exports and Trade

Our products are exhibited in the finest handicraft exhibitions all across India. To know more, contact us.